Spotlight on Candidate Pipeline

Are you facing challenges to attract, qualify and hire high-quality candidates as quickly and efficiently as your business needs? Do you struggle to know where to start making the most impactful changes?

Your candidate data can give visibility into what’s working or not working with your hiring process. This valuable insight can help focus your acquisition strategy and your team.

Take a page from the sales & marketing playbook

Sales and marketing use pipeline analytics to focus efforts on finding quality leads and ultimately closing deals. Pipeline analytics give visibility into each step of the sales process - quickly identifying where there are hurdles/opportunities in finding, qualifying and converting quality prospects into loyal customers. Your candidate data can give visibility into what’s working or not working with your hiring process. This valuable insight can help focus your acquisition strategy and your team. Sales and marketing teams often struggle to find and progress a pipeline of prospective customers from initial interactions to deal close. They face a constant balancing act to drive both volume and quality from leads. Sound familiar? Take a page from the sales & marketing playbook Consider taking a similar approach with the candidate process. Candidate Pipeline Analytics can provide insight into volume and conversion rates from initial candidate identification through to offers accepted.


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Candidate Pipeline Analytics provide insight into: 

  • Your ability to attract high-quality candidates: By analyzing volumes and the conversion rates of the number of initial candidates compared to the number of candidates that have progressed to each of the hiring stages, you can understand if you are attracting enough high-quality candidates to meet your business needs.
  • For example:
    • 30% of initial candidates make it to phone screen
    • 5% of initial candidates make it to interview
    • If these rates are expected, you can quickly understand if you have the right volume to meet hiring needs
    • If these rates are low, then you can focus on understanding where to make changes to increase conversion rates.

  • Where you are hitting challenges in progressing candidates: Analyzing volume and conversion rates between each of the stages will let you know where candidates are dropping off in the process.
  • For example:
    • 70% of candidates from phone screen make it to 1st round interviews
    • 30% of those candidates in 1st round interviews make it to 2nd round interviews
    • This seems to indicate that there is an issue in screening for the right candidates. Are adjustments needed in the screening criteria being used by recruiters to better match the needs of the hiring manager?

Recruitment Pipeline Analytics

Drive Actions with Context

From overall volume and conversion measures, it’s possible to drill down to obtain segmented views by role, by department, by channel, by geography, or other important business elements. This provides a wealth of knowledge and provides answers to the questions:

“Do we have the right volume and conversion rates to meet the business objective of hiring a team of software developers in Seattle in the next 3 months?”

“Are we getting the expected quality candidate pool from the new recruiting source we just invested in?

By looking at data contextually, based on business needs, areas of focus become crystal clear. 


Communicate with Confidence

With insight into your candidate pipeline, you are armed with actions to address the challenges in your recruiting process. You are also provided the analytics to support the conversations with the business – with hiring managers on the candidate criteria, and with executives on needed investment to support your talent acquisition strategy.

Candidate Pipeline Analytics are a powerful asset – to focus your evolving talent acquisition strategy, adapt your recruiting process, and communicate with the business.

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