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Unleashing the gold in HR data for better executive decisions 


Before PeopleInsight: the challenge 

When the company was smaller, business decisions were made more spontaneously and were often based on the strong subjective assessments of leadership. With the company experiencing strong growth, Andrew knew a evolution was required in how decisions were made regarding people performance.

Andrew wanted to introduce a more diligent approach, involving data and metrics as a support to decisions. He wanted to move to a balanced approach to people decisions, combining the knowledge of OPS VPs with evidence drawn from the data. He wanted to provide data to support VPs in their conversations and decisions related to people performance.  


With PeopleInsight: driving better decisions by equipping execs with data-driven insights 


"PeopleInsight provides us an access to our collective data that we've not had before. The analytics, dashboards and reports enable us to see meaningful connections across the data." 



Andrew partnered with PeopleInsight to pull together the standalone data sources. With PeopleInsight he is able to see all the data in one place, make connections quickly, and refresh his views on a weekly basis.

Working with PeopleInsight, operational and performance data was quickly integrated into a single view. Data from store revenue/sales, performance, people development scores, learning, secret shops, focus groups and more was combined and connected using PeopleInsight.

Armed with new views of the data, Andrew created a People Scorecard and presented this to the OPS VPs who were blown away by what they saw. The team immediately recognized the power of the data to support them in their differentiation conversations. 

VPs have been able to evolve their approach to decision-making to one where data and analytics are used to support them in their conversations and decisions are taken with more confidence and credibility than in the past.

Next steps include developing “probability of success” metrics for new hires/leaders.


"With PeopleInsight we've transformed our raw data into visual images which provide insight into key areas of our business. This drives impactful executive conversations" 

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"PeopleInsight acts as a strategic partner in unleashing the gold in the data that is under your nose."



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