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Using analytics to build and execute an evidence-based HR strategy 


Before PeopleInsight: the challenge 

"HR needed to evolve from an anecdotal understanding of the talent landscape to evidence-based. It was time to get serious about analytics."


When Kim Carter joined MLSE as Head of HR, she knew she wanted to evolve from an anecdotal understanding of the talent landscape to evidence-based. She wanted to move away from HR as administrative and transactional, and build a strategic HR, aligned and contributing to business priorities. She wanted HR to speak the language of the organization. 

Kim had an HRIS and Talent systems with tons of data but wanted to take this to the next level. She wanted to use this data to build out a baseline understanding of the workforce, and then leverage this understanding to achieve the goal of HR supporting the business.


With PeopleInsight: HR is a true business partner, using analytics to help operational areas drive their specific business priorities 


"With PeopleInsight we're developing and executing our HR strategy based on numbers and facts. With our evolving analytics we can very clearly measure success in areas of the strategy and drive the business forward."



MLSE is one of the world's most successful professional sports and entertainment companies, owning teams that include the 2019 NBA Champions Toronto Raptors, the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs and 2017 MLS Champions TFC. MLSE owns and manages all aspects of their operations, from commercial real estate, to game-time and concert/event operations, hospitality, retail, sales and marketing.

Kim partnered with PeopleInsight to bring together the people data simply and, with out-of-the-box metrics and analytics, obtain a holistic picture of the talent landscape at MLSE.  This was the first and necessary step to building an evidence-based view of the people story.

With a data-driven foundation in place, Kim and her team set to work building an HR/Talent Strategy focused on addressing issues and opportunities identified in the analytics, and aligned to the business priorities for the coming year.  

An emphasis on measuring and reporting on the impact of HR programs and initiatives, right down to costs to the business, caught the attention of the executives.  

Today, with the foundation in place, the HR team is focused on using analytics and insight to help different operational areas drive their very specific objectives.  With PeopleInsight, diving deep into the data for insights - into turnover, performance, compensation, headcount, or any dimension - is easy and fast.  

HR is now driving evidence-based dialogue and decisions on key talent issues.


MLSE is using PeopleInsight to drive and implement strategies focused on hiring and developing top talent.

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"With PeopleInsight we've transformed from gut-feel to evidence based. The robust analytics and insight means HR is now speaking the language at the table."



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