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Before PeopleInsight: HR in need of foundational analytics and a single-source view of the people data 

When Sylvie Sarault joined The National Gallery as Director of HR, she was eager to start contributing to the organization.  A critical piece of ramping-up involved understanding the existing people data. While this process can often consume months of finding, collecting, sorting, making sense of, and validating a variety of disconnected data sources,  Sylvie wanted to simplify this step and move more quickly towards insight and action.

She wanted access to a concrete, fact-based and single view of the people-side of the organization, and turned to PeopleInsight for help.

Within days of uploading their raw people data, PeopleInsight delivered rich and comprehensive workforce analytics and insight, building a solid foundation of understanding.

The easy-to-use, interactive and visually appealing dashboards make exploration simple and enjoyable - breathing energy and excitement into the data. Through this, the HR team is seeing and understanding the people-side of the organization with clarity, and in new ways.


With PeopleInsight: with full visibility into the people data, HR can elevate from the weeds of spreadsheets to strategic thinking 


"PeopleInsight enables us very quickly to align to a single vision of our people. We were able to validate our correct assumptions and dispel those that were inaccurate. The power of a unified, fact-based view is incredible." 

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With the help of PeopleInsight, the time and energy needed to ramp-up and achieve full visibility and clarity into The Gallery’s workforce data was drastically reduced. The team went from upload to insight in hours, not weeks or months.

A common/single truth regarding the people-data was, and continues to be, generated. This provides a shared understanding and powerful foundation the HR team can leverage to communicate with executives and to inform people and business decisions. 

For the HR team at The Gallery, PeopleInsight inspires strategic thinking – it enables the HR team to rise above the number crunching and to think about the data in terms of challenges, opportunities and solutions.  


"PeopleInsight is extremely visual, it is quick and I can easily break down my data to a granular level. I can slice and dice our data any way I want in a matter of seconds." 

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"The power of a unified, fact-based view of our people data is incredible. Having this robust data and business insight at our fingertips ensures we are a highly-valued business partner." 



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