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At PeopleInsight our exclusive focus is workforce analytics, delivered to the mid-market. With our extensive experience in HR and BI, we recognized a real need in the HR and Talent space. We saw tons of disconnected and under-utilized data and we wanted to help bring this together and equip HR and Talent leaders with access to analytics, insight and expertise needed to drive better decisions and outcomes. We also recognized that mid-market companies needed a unique approach. Without the big budgets or dedicated teams, there were no viable offerings for mid-sized companies for analytics solutions.

So, with the best and brightest minds, we built PeopleInsight.

PeopleInsight is the one and only workforce analytics solution designed for companies between 1000 to 5000 employees. Our out-of-the-box solution quickly and seamlessly connects all relevant data sources to deliver must-have workforce analytics aligned to specific business priorities. More than just a software solution, PeopleInsight provides expert and ongoing guidance to our customers. We believe in a high-touch, hands-on approach and that’s why our team of experts are available anytime to provide guidance and support as you evolve your analytics to meet changing business priorities. Many of our customers will tell you, PeopleInsight acts as an extension of their team – providing expertise and guidance in all things analytics.

Our Team

Meet the exec team behind PeopleInsight. This team has experience - hailing from some of the best-known companies in HR and BI, including IBM, Cognos and Accenture. The team brings all this together to deliver PeopleInsight

John Pensom

CEO & Founder

John is driven by building meaningful, authentic and lasting relationships with people. With 20+ years experience in the people business, he has amassed deep knowledge in how technology drives business and people change. At work, John's greatest accomplishment is the team...

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Steve Johnson

COO & Founder

Steve draws from more than 20 years experience helping HR Professionals engage on a more meaningful level with the “business". He is driven by a desire to enable HR, Managers and Executives better understand their people – and what is really happening within their organizations.

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Lynne Russell

VP & Founder

Lynne is a corporate anthropologist and spent her early career conducting consumer and employee research for some of the world's best known and coolest brands. Today, Lynne extends her passion for understanding people, their beliefs, motivations and behaviours to head up HR, Privacy and Security at PeopleInsight.

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Andrew Peralta

Director, Analytics

Raised on the hardscrabble streets of Lake Echo, Nova Scotia (not at all hardscrabble), Andrew was deported soon after University when his distaste of the local staples - lobster and beer - came to light. Now based out of Ottawa, Andrew is Director of Analytics...

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Jennifer Hanniman

Director, Customer Success

For over 15 years Jennifer has focused on delivering and marketing high-value business intelligence and enterprise solutions for global leaders (like Accenture, Cognos, IBM and Trend Micro). Jennifer has worked extensively...

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Office Operations

Obie leads our Office Operations division – or at-least she thinks she does. Inspired from Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Obie is well beyond her years in terms of wisdom (not unlike the average Weimaraner), disciplined (not always), but most of all, lovable. In this picture Obi(e) is voraciously debating the logic of one of Andrew's algorithms. Andrew won (eventually).

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