Now talking a data-driven language that resonates with executives 


Before PeopleInsight: the challenge 

"It was time to move from reporting basic HR measures to revealing issues in the business and generating dialogue around the people-side of the business."


  • Like many HR groups, Laura and her team faced challenges pulling information together and making sense of the data - they wanted a streamlined process and a means to data-driven dialogue with Executives 
  • Laura turned to PeopleInsight for a solution to connect data, highlight areas of success and opportunity and provide a powerful platform for communicating with Executives
  • In just 48 hours after uploading core HR, Employee Engagement and Compensation data, Laura and her team has access to powerful analtyics and views of people data  
  • Visualizations facilitated a quick understanding of the data as well as an engaging way to communicate results, challenges and opportunities to the Executive


With PeopleInsight: using data and analytics to drive decisions and dialogue with executives


"Using PeopleInsight to showcase the state of Succession Planning has generated rich dialogue with the HR Committee. PeopleInsight shows succession in a way we would not have been able to come up with on our own.”

Succession Analytics Dashboard

  • PeopleInsight's out-of-the-box analytics shift the HR team from spreadsheet manipulation to analysis, intepretation and identifying business issues (no more time-sink of spreadsheets)
  • With data seamlessly connected across sources (HR, Talent, Business) the team is able to focus on supporting the business and driving to outcomes 
  • HR is now a credible partner, speaking a language that resonates with Executives and driving dialogue on key talent issues 
  • Analytics are continually evolving to include Succession, Learning and New Hire Surveys, based on based on changing business priorities. 


Innovapost is using Peopleinsight's out-of-the-box analytics to transform decision making and executive conversations. 

Workforce Analytics Visualization iPad

New Module

"With PeopleInsight we've transformed our approach from one that was hypothesis-driven and time-consuming, to one that is now streamlined, simplified and fact-based."


See how PeopleInsight can get you more from your people data

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Candidate Pipeline Analytics Dashboard