Critical talent decisions are fueled by deep visibility into connected data provided PeopleInsight

Talent Acquisition dashboards make it easy to track progress toward filling jobs, as well as identify areas of success and where attention is needed

Deep visibility into turnover data allows identification of issues, variables, and associated costs.

Monthly data refreshes measure ongoing performance against Affirmative Action Plan

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Read how Erin Dunstan, Senior Director of Talent Management at Sysmex is using her partnership with PeopleInsight to evolve HR and provide insights and solutions for the business. 

Before PeopleInsight: manual reporting was time-consuming and challenging 

The HR team at Sysmex produces a variety of reports to assess progress against targets and business objectives.  Monthly presentations to the Operating Committee require that HR leadership take reporting beyond transactions to make connections to business outcomes.

The reality is, many of these reports come from different systems and aggregating the data manually to understand trends across source, hiring, turnover and cost is both challenging and time-consuming.  

Erin Dunstan, Director of HR, wanted a solution to get to the analytics, insights, and decision-making in a more timely manner and with heightened confidence in the data. 

With PeopleInsight: connected data delivers critical visibility and insight that fuels talent decisions


"With PeopleInsight analytics my team is able to easily look for gaps, successes and pain points in our process that can be improved."

Erin partnered with PeopleInsight to bring together the people data and obtain a holistic picture of the talent landscape at Sysmex.  Without having to spend time manually connecting data sources, Erin and her team are able to focus on identifying areas of opportunity across recruitment, hiring and development.  

The recent introduction of PeopleInsight’s surveys (New Hire – Onboarding, New Hire - Recruitment, Hiring Manager Feedback, and Quality of Hire) provides Erin’s team with timely access to new hire and hiring manager feedback. Seamlessly integrated with other data, this feedback is providing powerful insights into the recruiting experience and quality of new hires.

With connected data and increased visibility, PeopleInsight continues to drive areas of focus:

Talent Acquisition: Customized Talent Acquisition dashboards enable the team to easily track progress toward filling jobs and identify areas of success and gaps where attention is needed

Turnover:  With deep and precise visibility into the data, Erin has been able to accurately identify a turnover issue, understand the variables that have an impact on this (e.g. tenure, source, etc.), articulate the costs associated with this turnover, and develop a plan to address it. 

Affirmative Action Plan: Monthly data refreshes ensure that Erin and the team understand how they are performing against their Affirmative Action Plan in an ongoing fashion. The team now has timely insight that drives focus and attention where and when it is needed to impact the plan. 

Next steps for the team include the addition of learning and development data to PeopleInsight, as well as using the data to flag high performers and predicting success across the employee lifecycle.

"I wanted to overcome the challenges of bringing together our talent data manually for reporting. I needed a solution that would bring the data to life and provide the breadth and depth of visibility required to drive timely and effective talent decisions. PeopleInsight is that partner."

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