Talent Acquisition is no stranger to data and metrics and the most progressive of leaders in this space are now leveraging robust and holistic analytics for powerful results – for their organizations and for themselves. 

Up until now it’s been common practice for Talent Acquisition to focus on reporting and summarized metrics on the efficiency of the recruiting process (i.e. number of hires, % of hires by source, average time to fill).  This is no longer sufficient in today’s business.  Senior Executives expect Talent Acquisition to drive business results just like other business units such as sales and marketing.  And let’s face it, these efficiency metrics have limited value to Senior Executives.  They want outcome metrics and they want results that matter to the business.

The time is now for Talent Acquisition to evolve its capabilities and begin connecting people data with performance, productivity and other business metrics. 

In this eBook, we’ll help you get there by:

  • Discussing the status quo in Talent Acquisition and how analytics can help evolve this for the better
  • Providing reasons why this is important and why you should care 
  • Explaining what a robust and holistic talent acquisition analytics solution is
  • Exploring the many benefits associated with analytics applied holistically to your talent acquisition activities and the business.

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Talent Acquisition Analytics


Download the eBook:   

Talent Acquisition Analytics



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