If you’re in HR, you’ve no doubt noticed that, these days, you can’t do much of anything without coming across an article, blog or presentation focused on workforce analytics.  Up to now, the primary emphasis has been on raising awareness of the benefits and value that workforce analytics can bring to HR and the business.  For instance:

  • We’ve learned that analytics can help HR teams reclaim time and resources, can shift time and energy towards thinking and acting strategically, and can raise the profile and influence of HR by equipping teams with the means to speak the language of the executives. 
  • We’ve also learned that workforce analytics can contribute significantly to business outcomes.  By having access to accurate, easy to understand and in-the-now data, HR professionals can make evidence-based decisions and act quickly to positively impact the people and the business. 

Despite this, there are still many organizations who have yet to take the plunge.  And maybe that’s why – because we think of it as taking the plunge – when really, we should be approaching workforce analytics in a more conservative way, by dipping a toe to start.  

In this document:

  • we’ll move beyond the ‘why’ of workforce analytics (because we all know this by now) and get to the ‘how’
  • we’ll present a powerful and proven way to think and do workforce analytics
  • we’ll illustrate how starting small and having a clear focus on objectives is the key to putting workforce analytics to work for you.

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Putting Workforce Analytics to Work


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