We Unify Your HR Data

There's no need for you to transform or combine your data. No need to pivot your data in complex spreadsheets. No need to build, maintain, and administer an underperforming and unsecured do-it-yourself analytics solution. All you need is PeopleInsight.

We make it easy for you to accelerate data-driven HR. 

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Just Feed Us Your Raw, Disconnected Data

Let us take care of the complex side of people analytics. We do all the heavy lifting required to deliver the analytics, dashboards and scorecards you need.

You feed us raw data from your disparate HR Systems

No matter what you’re running - Workday, iCIMS, PeopleSoft, ADP, UKG, Greenhouse, or something homegrown – we seamlessly connect it all. 

We integrate your HR data & make connections that matter

We take care of all the data integrations, automation and algorithms so you can focus on HR.

You get powerful & evolving people analytics

All the analytics, dashboards and scorecards you need - at your fingertips and configured to your exact and evolving needs. 

What Do We Mean By Raw Data?

Most People Analytics platforms expect YOU to transform your data into THEIR format. This can be daunting and complex and can limit the type and sources of data you can combine. With PeopleInsight, you never have to transform your data. You just feed us your raw, disconnected sources of HR, talent, people and productivity data, and we do the rest.


How We Work With You

Through onboarding and into our ongoing service, we make it easy. Let us show you why we're our customers' top partner time and time again. 


Our streamlined onboarding process will have you up and running with the analytics and dashboards you need within 30 days.  You’ll see your data come to life in your first set of dashboards within 5 days. From there, we iterate to personalize the dashboards and scorecards to fit your specific needs, adding new ones as needed.  


We understand that your analytics needs will change and evolve along the way. We're built for this and we are with you every step of the way. New data source? New audience? New area of strategic focus? No Problem. Our experts work with you to make sure your analytics and dashboards line up to meet your specific needs.  


We have you up and running in days (not months or years)

Business Priorities Session

In this session we discuss your priorities so we can align the initial PeopleInsight set-up to the areas that matter most to your business.

Data & Dashboard Enablement

With your priorities defined, our team of experts enable data unification, launch out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics, and conduct thorough testing and data validation.

Dashboard Personalization

Your dedicated Customer Success Team works with you to personalize the metrics, visualizations and dashboards to your specific needs. You get dashboards that are right for each and every one of your audiences.


New data source? New audience? New strategic direction? No problem. We're built for this. Our people analytics experts work with you to make sure it's all ready for you when you need it.


No matter what your reporting cadence is, PeopleInsight provides ongoing support to ensure you have the analytics, dashboards and scorecards to handle your everyday reporting needs as well as those ad hoc or ‘what about’ requests that inevitably pop up.


When it's time to stretch beyond the foundational analytics, we'll guide you through it. Whether you're looking to add in Learning and Development data, wanting to dive-deep into Diversity, or get analytics in the hands of your HRBP team, your PeopleInsight Customer Success Team will get you there.


Your analytics also need to keep up with major system and strategy changes. If you’re implementing a new HR system, we make sure your analytics are ready for the switch. If last year’s focus was on hiring, and this year it’s diversity and inclusion, we ensure your scorecards reflect this. No matter the change, you’re ready with PeopleInsight.

Ready to Get Started with PeopleInsight?

Feed us your raw, disconnected sources of HR, talent and employee data and we do the rest. Comprehensive people analytics at a fraction of the cost and risk of an in-house build.

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