Greenhouse Reporting Made Easy

How Greenhouse Integrates with PeopleInsight

PeopleInsights's robust integration with Harvest API gets you up and running quickly with dashboards, analytics and reports. In fact, we go from API key to dashboards in a week. 


Our customer success team are experts in Greenhouse data and report building. You'll have access to our full suite of out-of-the-box dashboards, on demand, within days of partnering with us.

Set-up is fast and easy

Getting your data into PeopleInsight is simple and stress-free. Once you provide us the Harvest API key, our team of experts gets to work pulling data and building dashboards and reports. We know exactly what we need and we access it directly, so there’s no need for you to generate reports or files to send to us during setup. You can carry on with your day-to-day work and in a few days we’ll deliver your Greenhouse data visualized within PeopleInsight. Once it’s in PeopleInsight you can access your data on demand, summarized in a way that enables slicing and dicing by attributes. It really is that fast and that easy.

Out-of-the-box dashboards

In just one week you can answer some of those simple, yet sometimes elusive questions, such as “How many candidates are female?”, “How many hires have we made over the past 6 months in Sales, or by recruiter or hiring manager?”, “How many opens do we really have?”. You’ll finally have on-demand visibility into your recruitment data, with no spreadsheets required. 

Customized reports

Once we’re up and running with the out-of-the-box dashboards our team works with you to understand the customizations you need to fit your unique reporting requirements. This could be anything from quarterly reports, reports focused on diversity, offers accepted by region, or time to fill for each group or by individual.

All that data you track manually and all those reports you build in spreadsheets can finally be a thing of the past. PeopleInsight can handle your custom reporting needs. 

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PeopleInsight makes it easy

With PeopleInsight your ability to produce custom Greenhouse reports and to answer those pressing questions from execs just got easier. No more anxiety, stress or time muscling in spreadsheets. 

The bottom line is: if the data is in Greenhouse we can get it into a dashboard or report for you.

1. Fast and Easy with Harvest API Integration. Our robust integration with Greenhouse Harvest API makes set up and ongoing reporting fast, easy, scalable and seamless, with daily+ refreshes 

2. From API key to Out of the Box Dashboards in One Week. Within days you’ll have timely and on demand access to your suite of 6+ out of the box dashboards. 

3. Custom Reporting Made Easy. Our Greenhouse data experts provide customizations based on your specific reporting requirements. If it’s in Greenhouse we can get it into a dashboard/report.

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