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A single source document of our top infographics covering ATS Reporting Limitations, Candidate Pipeline & Recruitment Channel Analytics, and the value of Automated Surveys

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Across the areas of attracting, sourcing, and progressing candidates through a positive experience there are many moving parts. It can be a challenge to understand quickly and clearly, what’s working and what’s not, and where to invest attention and budget. And while there is a ton of data available this isn’t always at the right level or consolidated in a way that helps inform decisions. A deeper look at your recruitment, channel, candidate, employee, performance and productivity data (pre- and post-hire) can help you make smarter hiring decisions and drive better business outcomes.

Making talent acquisition decisions should be a balancing act

  • Speed. 
  • Quality.
  • Return on Recruitment Investment.

Talent Acquisition Leaders…

...are moving beyond the single dimension analysis provided solely from their ATS – and starting to make more balanced, business-savvy and outcome-focused decisions based on data mashed together from recruitment, core HR, performance and productivity sources.

Your ATS and it’s native reporting will help you hire faster. However, talent acquisition analytics will help you hire faster, smarter, and better. 

Game changing insight occurs for Talent Acquisition teams when the differential business value created by each hire (it could be in terms of sales, professional service revenue or utilization...any aspect of employee productivity really) is evaluated against the specific conditions associated with that hiring transaction (such as the length of time the requisition is open, the transaction costs of that hire, the total compensation you settle on, and their quality of hire assessed by their supervisor after a number of months). Note - productivity, quality of hire, etc. can be defined any number of ways.

“Talent Acquisition Analytics can help you gain this type of insight. ATS reporting and "analytics" won’t.”


What's Your Preference?

Reporting through your ATS

  • “Our Average Time to Fill is 45 days”
  • “We do not know the 1st Year Turnover and Quality of our hires"

What's easily achievable through Talent Acquisition Analytics  

  • “Our On Time Fill Rate for Senior Consultants is 37% and it is costing us $1M in lost productivity per year. If we increase our On Time Fill Rate to 80% we will save $800k/year in lost productivity.”
  • “Our 1st Year Involuntary Turnover for Intermediate Developer roles is 28% from source A. Our 1st Year Voluntary Turnover for Intermediate Developer roles is 5% from source B.If we shift our investment from source A to source B we will save $500k/year"

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