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    Your Taleo Data - Connected & Simplified with PeopleInsight

    Watch our short video to find out how.

Even the most savvy HR teams running best-in-class systems like Taleo struggle to consistently produce reliable and relevant data analysis and reports. The key issue is the lack of data integration. These data silos inhibit the creation of end-to-end reports, analytics, and data-driven HR.

Many mid-market companies running Taleo are leveraging PeopleInsight to overcome siloed, inflexible, & expensive HR reporting and analytics. At PeopleInsight, we do the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting, data preparation and reporting, so you can focus your time where it matters - using your analytics to drive smart decisions.

In this video we: 

  • introduce the newest category of HR Tech, the Workforce Analytics Pureplay
  • discuss the benefits/ROI of PeopleInsight for HR teams running Taleo
  • demonstrate how simple data uploads become business-relevant analytics and reports, and;
  • provide a simple way for you to assess whether this approach is right for you.