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PeopleInsight doesn’t discriminate when it comes to data source or system. You can be running HR Tech from any platform including Workday, SAP, ORACLE, PeopleSoft, Halogen, Taleo, ADP, SuccessFactors, Ultipro, Greenhouse or something home-grown – it simply doesn’t matter to us. We’re data source agnostic, experts in HR data, and we make the connections so you can see your people and business data with ease, clarity and purpose.

You just feed us your raw disconnected data from any system and we do the rest.


Turnkey, Fully Managed Software & Service.

Every aspect of PeopleInsight’s business intelligence platform and managed service has been built to help our customers drive ongoing value from their underutilized HR, talent and people data.

We start with our out-of-the-box solution which quickly and seamlessly connects all of your relevant data sources.  More than just a software solution, PeopleInsight provides expert and ongoing guidance through our turnkey managed service to ensure your analytics continually address your business objectives. Consider us your extended workforce analytics team.

HR Data PeopleInsight

Your Single VIEW of the Truth.

We know there are many sources of HR, people, talent and productivity data.

At PeopleInsight, our job is to become your Single VIEW of the Truth – mashing data that matters from your HR, talent and operational systems – past, present and future.

Just imagine the potential a Single VIEW of the Truth can unlock for you, your team, and your company. 



Single View HR Data

Slice & Dice.


Go wherever you want.

Seek, segment and find the facts.

Tell the storylines that matter.

PeopleInsight Filters Segmentation


Data Model @ HeaRt

PeopleInsight is architected as a business intelligence platform for HR – which means the underlying database design is different – far different – than transactional HR systems. At heart, PeopleInsight is a highly efficient, yet powerful database designed for the nuances, complexities and effective-date structure of HR data.

Beware of transactional data models running analytics. Beware of non-HR specific business intelligence tools.

Just be aware of PeopleInsight.

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Data-driven insight – whether you’re an HR Pro, Talent Acquisition Lead, Compensation Analyst, or Line of Business Executive.



STANDARD HR Reporting, Metrics & Analytics

When it comes to HR Reporting, even the basics can be very, very hard. With our Standard Edition, you’ll mature your data-driven HR capability by having access to best-practice metrics, insightful reporting and deep analytics on your Core HR data – helping you communicate with Executive Scorecards and Dashboards, and understand what’s happening from a headcount, turnover, compensation and progression perspective today, not 6 months ago.


Workforce Analytics Executive Scorecard PeopleInsight



Take a page from the sales and marketing playbook and improve your candidate pipeline – by attracting, progressing and hiring high-quality candidates. Drive higher Recruiting Team performance with analytics that tie recruitment activities to business priorities. And continuously improve your ideal candidate profiles with analytics that assess hire fit and success. All this and more with our Talent Acquisition Analytics Edition.


Open Roles Report Talent Acquisition Analytics


Productivity & Business-Focused Workforce Analytics - DELUXE

To articulate the people-side of business outcomes, you must connect the likes of your Core HR, recruitment, talent, performance, financials and productivity data so you can make better decisions, investments and improve ROI. With our Deluxe Edition, your data is consolidated from all of your HR and Talent data sources, and selectively from your business sources, to create storylines which win over your Line of Business clients and wow in the boardroom.

Turnover Dashboard PeopleInsight


Unlike the love-‘em-and-leave-‘em approach of traditional Software-as-a-Service solutions, we’re different.

Our Insight-as-a-Service model might be unconventional but we want to stay connected with our customers and spend time with you. We are genuinely excited by your data, your challenges and opportunities – and our experts work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your analytics continually align to business priorities.

Insight as a Service Workforce Analytics Team

We are your extended workforce analytics team.

We know the mid-market faces unique challenges when it comes to analytics.  While you don't have massive budgets or a dedicated analytics team, you still have the need for robust analytics to drive business decisions.  That's why it's our exclusive focus and why we make our people analytics solution affordable and easy for our customers.  


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